Should We Anticipate for Warcraft II The Movie

Upon its release in June 2016, Warcraft the movie took an unexpected turn, especially in America. The strategy game Warcraft Universe had already received massive sales in the multiplayer online game World of Warcraft and the creators took a rather obvious step- Giving Duncan Jones the top job in the film’s creation. Well, it took the team a decent $160 million to release the first movie of Warcraft and even as America’s box office sales reached around $47 million, the global outreach saw the total sales going up to $433 million. Interestingly, China took almost half of those figures, garnering $220 million of that revenue.

Apart from the overall sales, movie critics were not pleased with the production, especially concerning a few unexpected jumps in the scenes (for instance, Anduin Lothar’s son). However, the movie has many exciting plots and relevant characters that connect with video gamers. Stormwind, Dark portal, Karazhan did a great job! Online critics bombarded the film with negative results but that did stop the directors at Legendary hinting for a sequel of the Warcraft movie series. Furthermore, $430 million is enough to cater for a second series. However, Jones isn’t sure if we will have the second production, and he states that Legendary will be the one doing the announcement. Perhaps the gamers in China hoped for a Resident Evil type of marathon or maybe the divide between the fans and critics is the main cause of the delay. Furthermore, its all business, right?

A lot is still underwater in terms of the development of Warcraft 2 and we still don’t have any release dates or production schedules. Fans may have to hang in there. It is clear that the second release of Warcraft will be China-based as the nation has the highest number of Warcraft players in the world (not to mention the sales from the film). After recent projects with Netflix, Duncan Jones may decide to bring the idea of a TV show to Legendary’s table. At this rate, even coming to the small screens would do Warcraft’s fans a big favour.

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