Anduin Lothar 1:1 Great Royal Sword of Stormwind Replica


The king Anduin Lothar lived and breathed with a single guiding thought: never surrender. This hero of the Alliance of the tale of Warcraft was popularized by the movie of the same name. Today, you can own a replica of his broadsword with which he fought the seemingly endless onslaught of the Horde Orc warriors.




Also known as the blade of Stormwind, this is a massive 2 handed sword wielded by unbeatable Anduin Lothar. It was used in battle to defend Azeroth. It is both massive, memorable, and jeweled. It was broken during a battle and Anduin was killed in the hands of Doomhammer. Later it lands in the hands of A Young Paladin, Turalyon, who used it to rally forces in alliance to victory. And guess what? We have it in store for you!

The handle is made of steel and coated with rubber and it’s, therefore, kind on the palm especially when it is held for long. The hilt happens to have the inscriptions A.L. that adds to the mystery of what eventually happens to it after the battle is over. The anti-scratch steel keeps it shiny but it may still require simple polishing from time to time. It only requires a light coating of oil to prevent rusting. As long as it does not come into contact with water this doesn’t pose as a risk.

The sword has an unsharpened blade but the weight of the blade and its size makes it hazardous. There is no risk of being cut, but blunt trauma is a risk handle with care. This is by far a must-have on your collector’s wall. Its background story and its worth is a true story of value beyond damage. There are only a few pieces remaining because every collector has their eye on this piece. Hurry while stocks still last!


  • It is 108cm in length which is quite huge.
  • It weighs 4kg which is a moderate weight for a weapon of its caliber and value.
  • The blade is made of steel with runic inscriptions.
  • The stainless steel is nonscratchable and intrinsically shiny.
  • It comes with a black wall plaque which also serves as protection against falls.
Anduin Lothar WOW
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