How GOT is Taking Over the World

It is very difficult to hear of a good series follower or a TV viewer who have never heard of Game of thrones. Game of Thrones is set on fictional continents of Essos and Westeros. It boasts of several plots, and a huge orchestra plots which follows 3 arc’ stories. One is Iron Throne of 7 Kingdoms which follows a number of alliances and disagreements among the dynasties either pushing to reclaim the throne, or fighting to secure independence of the same.

The second arc story concentrates on last realm descendants overthrown as the ruling dynasty, plotting a revisit into the Throne. The third arc story, revolves around the long existing brotherhood held with the responsibility of defending realm against ancients threat from fierce individuals and legendary creatures found at the far north and approaching winter threatening the realm.


The scene where characters are on constant fight and you wish one hits the other, attracts a lot. These battles pushes you to the edge of your seat, as you visualize about smaller scenes. Every action, moment, second, will keep you rooted, at the same time guessing.

Shock Value

This is a series that exhibiting great shock value. You can never predict what is likely to happen. You find yourself much in love with a certain character, and the next minute he is not there. There are those characters you hate, but you will turn your love for them as series proceeds. This great series will hold you to your seat with more anticipations.

Breaking of socioeconomic boundaries

In this series, characters will begin as being rich and end up poor,and vice-versa. In this case the script writer want to show that you can be down at some moment and change in an instant. There are several life lessons that woven into mystical world.

The story line

Game of Thrones story feels less of a story, and more of live account because of how different characters are connected to one another. The season of GOT, can have more than 5 characters, all happening and packaged in 10 episodes. Well, the story does not fade nor is it rushed. Game of Thrones takes its time to play with your emotions.


Characters will always pull you in any movie. Rather, it is for the comic relief, beautiful characters, or badasses, these characters subjects us into. It boast of dynamic characters, not just archetype but many. They make you feel as if they are real and you would want to get more information about them.


You will never go wrong embracing GOT. There is some uniqueness to everyone: chaos, love, villains, dragons, magic, heros, and so on. Therefore, watch it now since there is a unique story awaiting to blow your mind.




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