The Powerful Thor Hammer 1:1 Mjolnir Metal Replica

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As a god of the Norse mythology, Thor is a mighty figure but one that carries an even mightier weapon – Thor hammer Mjolnir. This weapon was further popularized by the Avengers and Thor movies, but today, it can be yours. Order the same incredible Mjolnir hammer replica through just a couple of clicks.




In the entire Marvel superhero universe, the figure of Thor was one that was regularly overlooked in the public culture for decades. This Norse god was created by the brilliant creative minds of the Marvel golden age and the actual historical myths and legends. Now, it is something of a unique presence in the pantheon of regular superheroes.

He was not bitten by a radioactive spider or go superpowers from a strange force in the far-away universe. Instead, Thor is nothing less than a full god, the son of Odin and thus a creature whose powers are beyond any human mortal can fathom. In this state of incalculable strength and abilities, he uses a weapon that perfectly defines him – Thor’s Hammer or Mjolnir. Made famous by comics and then popular movies, it is one of the most recognizable weapons from the Marvel universe.

Bulky and sleek at the same time, and also designed for total destruction, this war hammer just beckons to be held high above, just like its original owner so famously does. Today, the Mjolnir Replica can be easily purchased online and every fan of this Norse god of power can get their Thor Hammer replica. Simply holding one of these provides a perfect connection to this universe and character, while the price of the same Thor Hammer replica is more than accessible for anyone who would want to own it.


  • The Thor Hammer replica is made out of metal and comes with a beautiful resin stand.
  • The weight of the entire Mjolnir replica is 3.9 kilograms when it’s unboxed.
  • Its dimensions are 43 by 30 by 22 centimeters, closely following the original.
  • The handle features the famous leather strap that can be wrapped around the hand of the user.
  • The actual head of the Mjolnir replica includes delicately engraved runes and decorative design identical to its original.
Mjolnir Replica
Reviews (2)

2 reviews for The Powerful Thor Hammer 1:1 Mjolnir Metal Replica

  1. Nathan

    Fast and timely delivery, great support and the hammer is top-notch! Feels heavy and powerful and looks badass displayed in my room, I will definitely recommend!

  2. Eric23

    I got this Thor hammer replica as a birthday present from my girlfriend and it’s the best gift I have ever received! Both of us loved Marvel Superhero films and she knew that I will be thrilled with this one! Long story short, this hammer looks massive! The weight of the Mjolnir and the focus to details is top notch! I will definitely be a repeated customer from Epic Swords.

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