Beautiful Assassin’s Creed 1:1 Altair Long Sword Replica


Assassin’s Creed is one of the seminal video game series of the 21st century. As an epic adventure, the game has many incredible elements and among them, the Sword of Altair is one of the most recognizable ones. Get this incredible sword and have a worthy piece of the Assassin’s Creed tale in your hands




When it comes to adventure gaming, especially those titles that are coming from the biggest development studios, the Assassin’s Creed series is one of the most famous and successful series of the 21st century. The epic tale of the clash Assassins and the Templars is today one of the most impressive stories in gaming, spanning centuries, ancient societies and mysteries larger than life on Earth.

The successful first game of the series also became a movie where Michael Fassbender took on the role of the mysterious figure in the middle of the Crusades who was determined to keep an immense power from falling in the wrong hands. One of the means how the same character does this is through the use of his superb swordsmanship skills and his Assassin’s Creed blade. Now, any fan of the series can possess the same unique and gorgeous replica weapon easier than ever.

Assassin’s Creed blade replica mimics even the smallest details of the original piece and represents a tool of war that possesses the utmost beauty and elegance. The sleek black and silver design has been attained in a perfect manner by the dedicated craftsmen who made this piece. However, its incredible quality and likeness to the original do not mean it is unattainable. Instead, anyone will be surprised how affordable this replica sword actually is.


  • The sword is 99 centimeters long and weighs precisely 1.04 kilograms.
  • Its fine and elongated blade is 68 centimeters while the handle is 16 centimeters in length.
  • The sword comes with a scabbard that includes several metal elements on its end, middle section, and top.
  • The Assassin’s Creed blade itself is finely polished and comes with an underlying but still impressive level of finish.
  • The details of the sword, the distinctively winged handguard, and the pommel are all decorated precisely like in the games and the movie.
Assassin's Creed Blade
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