Incredibly Detailed Lord of the Rings 1:1 Gimli Axe Replica


Every axe that Gimli forges is better than the last. He is dangerously proud of his creations. You should be too! Our Gimli axe replica gives you the power to fight goblins and protect Middle-Earth from lurking threats! Gimli would be honored that you are choosing the Bearded axe for your collection.




You, no doubt, have heard of Lord Of The Rings. Unless, of course, you live in a cave somewhere in an eastern region. This popular franchise, the sequel to The Hobbit, spans several books and movies. A group of hobbits set out to destroy the One Ring from the Rings of Power, The mighty wizard Gandalf instructs Frodo Baggins to leave with the ring. Their journey takes them to the Cracks of Doom, a volcano. During their travels, several characters join their adventure. Gimli, a fan favorite, is a witty dwarf warrior with a love for axes.

While Gimli wields many axes, six in total, the bearded axe stands out. Fighting through many foes alongside his pal, Legolas, he destroyed tons of goblins with his mighty axe. Several fans were upset at the fact that Gimli carried so many axes, especially because in the books he only wielded one. However, being a dwarf, their main skill is Blacksmithing. Not only regular weapons, but legend has it, they can forge magical, Godly weapons as well. Now, you too can wield the magnificent Bearded axe with our Gimli axe replica.

Are you ready to help the hobbits destroy the One Ring? Do you want to fight alongside Legolas and Frodo? Are you a cosplayer or collector looking for something a bit different than the same ol’, same ol’? Call your inner dwarf warrior. The Bearded axe of Gimli can be yours. Feel the power of greatness in your hands, today!


  • Adults and children alike can swing the axe around. No one will get cut as our replicas are not sharp.
  • Appear like you just stepped out of Middle-Earth. The stainless steel blade is weathered and distressed to resemble the Lord Of The Rings movie prop.
  • When you wield the Gimli axe replica, you have the power in your hands. Our Bearded axe is 34 inches overall. The handle is an impressive 26 inches, while the massive blade is 8 inches.
  • Proudly display your axe on your wall, or hang it until your next cosplay. It comes with a hardwood plaque.
Axe of Gimli
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